<?php $b = 1;
function a$a{ xdebug_debug_zvala;//refcount=3 why not 2??

好吧,德问的lazyboy帮我查到答案了: 形参传值时的refcount


A refcount of 2, here, is extremely non-obvious. Especially considering the above examples. So whats happening?

When a variable has a single reference as did $var1 before it was used as an argument to debugzvaldump, PHPs engine optimizes the manner in which it is passed to a function. Internally, PHP treats $var1 like a reference in that the refcount is increased for the scope of this function, with the caveat that if the passed reference happens to be written to, a copy is made, but only at the moment of writing. This is known as “copy on write.”

So, if debugzvaldump happened to write to its sole parameter and it doesnt, then a copy would be made. Until then, the parameter remains a reference, causing the refcount to be incremented to 2 for the scope of the function call.

xdebugdebugzval 是采用引用的方式传值的。


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